EDC Toolkit

Equitable Detroit Coalition TOOLKIT
A Process Guide For Community Advisory Group Organizing

EDC Toolkit Cover

The intention of this toolkit is to help our colleagues and neighbors to become equipped with possible ways to champion true sustainability as part of development – meaning that the development project addresses not only the economic issues but also the social and environmental ramifications of development activities. The hoped-for result is a more balanced approach to development, one that works in partnership with the community and benefits all, taking into consideration the multi-layered issues that need to be addressed and the long-term results of the project in the city. We hope to call new development projects into a more comprehensive accountability as we assist their incorporation into our city.

We present this toolkit to you, asking that you use it in a systematic, thoughtful way to dare to create a different narrative for development efforts in our city. This approach is neither anti-development nor anti-corporation; rather, it is pro-justice, pro-community, pro-sustainability, and deeply rooted in the basic human rights of all citizens and of the Earth.

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