Coalition Turns In Signatures to Place Community Benefits Ordinance on November Ballot

Ordinance will give Detroit residents a say on taxpayer-funded development

DETROIT — Today, a coalition of community groups and residents turned in over 5,000 signatures to put a Community Benefits Ordinance on the November ballot. The ordinance will cover developments utilizing taxpayer dollars in Detroit.

“Today is an exciting day for the people of Detroit and for democracy in our city. These signatures show that people want a voice at the table when our tax dollars are used for development,” said Angy Webb, a resident or Council District 7. “Detroit’s comeback is exciting but too many people are being asked to step up with our tax dollars but then step back when it comes to having a say in or benefiting from new development. This ordinance will ensure we have a voice.” The ordinance would only apply to development projects that seek and use taxpayer dollars. Projects that are funded with private dollars only will not be required to follow the ordinance.

“This is good for Detroit taxpayers as it will make Detroit a more attractive place to live, work and play. Communities should not be asked to foot the bill for new projects without having a say,” said Mildred Hunt, a resident of Council District 5. “Simply put, if we have to pay, we have a say.”

The ordinance will appear on the November ballot once the signatures turned in today are verified by the City Clerk.

“The City Council has had two years to vote on this ordinance without taking action,” said Bill Hickey, a resident from Council District 1. “Today shows that the people of Detroit are ready to reclaim our democracy and have our voices heard. Now we have to get to work convince the voters to vote yes. We will do that by pointing out that Detroit only truly rises when we all rise together.”


Bill Hickey, Brightmoor Community CBA Coalition

Tommy Robbins, West Grand Boulevard Collaborative

Linda Campbell, Equitable Detroit Coalition
Mildred Robbins, West Grand Boulevard Collaborative
Angy Webb, Revive CDC



Bill Hickey, Brightmoor Community CBA Coalition
Rashida Tlaib, Sugar Law Center

Tommy and Mildred Robbins, West Grand Boulevard Collaborative

Angy Webb, Revive CDC

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