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CBAbuttonsSMCommunity Benefit Agreements (CBAs) provide a tool to help ensure that public investments have a true community benefit, rather than only benefiting powerful development interests. CBAs engage residents in the decision-making process, and use a binding legal contract to leverage public investment for a public good that is in line with true community needs.

Reasons to Support the Community Benefits Agreement Ordinance

  •     Nearly 2000 Detroiters have signed the petition calling for a strong and enforceable Community Benefit Agreement ordinance and the number of signatures is growing.
  •     Detroiters deserve the type of economic development where all Detroiters benefit not just a few wealthy individuals and big corporations.
  •     When our tax dollars and public lands are used to benefit private investments, Detroiters deserve a strong and enforceable Community Benefit Agreement ordinance on the books to protect our interest.
  •     We call on each city council member to support a strong and enforceable community benefit agreement ordinance!

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